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Ceramic knives Care and Handling


 Ceramic Knife Info

Specifications :



Material Characteristics:
specific gravity 
5.95 g / cm
> 1250-1400
Bending strength 
1300 MPa
Breaking strength 

Coefficientof elasticity 
200 GPa
thermal conductivity 
3w / m k
Coeffthermal expansion 
20-400 ° C




Ourceramic knives are certified to for food handling by the Food&Drug Administration, USA and LFGBGermany, which employ the most stringent regulations world wide.




use and maintenance

Rinse with warm water or hand wash gently using mild soap, staying clear of the blade edges
• Do not drop the knife because it can damage the tip, which is the most vulnerable to breakage
• Do not use the knife to scrape 
• Do not use the knife as a lever
• Do not turn the knife on himself during the cutting movement
• Do not use it to cut even frozen foods, bones or fish bones
• Do not wash the knife in the dishwasher, as this is not necessary; most importantly, contact with metal utensils can damage the knives over time
• Always keep the knives in their respective protective sheath when not in use
• Keep the knives out of the reach of children
• Do not attempt to sharpen the knife yourself using standard synthetic steel
• Avoid using abrasive powders or sponges or washing aggressively



Is it possible to sharpen the blade of a ceramic knife?
Certainly, you can sharpen your knives with ceramic grinding wheels made of special
diamond dust, which are used in specialized laboratories.

Can a cermaic knife break or chip if dropped on the ground?
Normally, the most susceptible to chipping in the event of dropping the knife is the tip. However, even a steel knife, if it falls, it can also becomed blunted or bending, or chip at the tip. Take caution in preventing your knife from falling onto the ground.

How can I damage a ceramic knife?
In two ways: you can chip the blade cutting a bone, working on a hard surface, such as a marble or glass cutting board or counter top. Plastic boards will prolong the life of your new Classe knife

Can you wash the knife in the dishwasher?
This is not recommended for several reasons. If the knives accidentally come in contact with other objects such as heavy metals, the knives can be damaged during the washing process. However, the cleaning of the ceramic knife is so easy, that there is no need to put them through a diswashing cycle.


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