Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Set

Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Set
Item Code: 63021271
Food saver: Vacuum Sealer Set
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Food Saver:Svuotino Vacuum Sealer Set include:

1 vacuum sealer machine - 1 bottle cup - 10 assorted sizes mix bags - 1 round vacuum jar 0.6 Lt.

Food & Wine Preservation System The smallest and economic handy vacuum machine all over the world. THE VACUUM THAT KEEPS FLAVOUR & SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY! ...OPEN, Uncork your favorite wine and drink all you want, once you've finished.. SUPPORT... Gently support Svuotino on the slot on the cap supplied ASPIRE! Now press and aspire air in, so you can keep your food long - Containers, Bags & Wine Caps.

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