Food Saver Svuotino Vacuum Sealer

Food Saver Svuotino Vacuum Sealer
Item Code: Svuotino
Brand: Classe Italy
Food saver: Svuotino Vacuum Sealer - Handy Machine
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Machine handheld vacuum, the smallest and practice in the world. With its compact size, the use of special patented valves and an attractive design, emptied is the ideal tool that revolutionizes the concept of vacuum and make it available to every family. Saves money by reducing waste, keep your fridge organized and is environmentally friendly. With emptied can retain absolutely every type of food thanks to the envelopes (in 5 steps), the containers (6 size) and the plugs for all types of beverages. It can be used by batteries or plugged.
The Svuotino Vacuum Sealer include: 1 vacuum machine - 1 bottle cup
Food Saver

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